Nexus GO – security made easy

What is Nexus GO?

Nexus GO are ready-to-use Nexus online services. The self-service platform makes it easy, fast and cost-efficient to deploy advanced solutions for authentication, identity management, internet of things (IoT) security and physical access control products.

Make use of the cloud

Stop worrying about hardware, operations and maintenance.

Kickstart your implementation

Try out our services for free – you can start playing straight away.

Focus on your core business

The services are easy to implement, and we are available to help if needed.

What services are available in Nexus GO?

Currently, the Nexus GO services include user authentication, digital signing, online ordering of access cards, photo ID badges and key fobs as well as PKI services for IoT . Nexus GO are all ready-to-use services enabling organizations to get started with trusted identities quickly.

We have put a lot of effort into making Nexus GO and its services attractive, transparent and smooth to use. We want to be as easy as possible to do business with, and our customers are able to do most things by themselves online.

Gustaf Broman, product manager of Nexus GO.

How do I get started with Nexus GO?

  • Download the Nexus Smart ID mobile app on your smartphone.
  • Sign up to Nexus GO here ›
  • Activate Nexus Smart ID by following the instructions in the invitation email.
  • Log in to Nexus GO – you will be prompted to authenticate with Nexus Personal.
  • You are ready to start using Nexus GO and its services!